Household Items

Shepherd’s Blend Barrier Cream

Shepherd's Blend Barrier Cream - Brook Ridge FarmSoftens, waterproofs, and eases cracks on hard working hands and feet.

Made with a blend of lanolin, beeswax, and essential oils.  Produced by Cornect Family Farm exclusively for Brook Ridge Farm.

$20.00 Cdn + HST

“My folks were at the market this past summer and picked up the barrier cream and it’s helped my wife with her eczema immensely.”
– Matthew

Natural Sheep Hides

Sheep hides absorb perspiration, stay cool in summer, and warm in winter. Able to breathe and allow air to circulate, these hides are great for motorbikes, tractor and truck seats. Soft, highly flexible and amazingly warm, these hides are beautiful for rugs and chair covers. We also carry hides for wheelchairs and medical purposes.

Washable and easy to clean, the size of each regular hide varies slightly, up to 28″ x 40″. The Small Lamb Hides are perfect for a truck or tractor seat and great for your Lazyboy chair!

prd_hide_white Brook Ridge Farm: Sheep Hides

(Available in Black and White)

Regular $135.00 Cdn + HST
Small Lamb $120.00 Cdn + HST
Medical $150.00 Cdn + HST

Lambswool Dusters

Brook Ridge Farm: Lambswool DusterWhether you are doing daily cleaning, preparing for company or simply removing dust the Lambswool Duster is magic in your hands! Thousands of soft lambswool fibers act as a magnet to naturally attract and hold dust particles without the use of chemicals.

$20.00 (18”) and $25.00 (24”) Cdn + HST

Soap in a Coat

Brookridge Farm: Soap in a CoatA wonderful, colorful gift! Colorfast, dyed Border Leicester wool from the sheep at Brook Ridge Farm is felted on Ivory Aloe soap.

The “coat” works as an exfoliant and facecloth, hugging the soap as it is used.
Made in Nova Scotia. Colors vary.

$7.50 Cdn