Canadian Verified Sheep Program

What is the CVS Program?

The Canadian Verified Sheep Program is an on-farm program created for any Canadian sheep or lamb producers to address potential food safety challenges, and to improve Animal Welfare and Bio-security. The program examines all areas of production and outlines good production practices (GPPs) that are designed to minimize food safety risks. The Canadian Verified Sheep Program is available for you to demonstrate to the public the good production practices used on your farm to ensure a safe food supply.

Benefits to CVS Program?

  • Enhanced detection and prevention of food safety risks.
  • Improved consumer confidence in the safety/quality/consistency of Canadian sheep & lamb products.
  • Opportunity to meet consumer demands.

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Why do I need the CVS Program?

Consumers today want to know that the food they are buying for themselves and their families is safe.

It allows producers to demonstrate responsible management practices on their sheep farm, building off the Codes of Practice for the Care and Handling of Sheep and the National Sheep On-Farm Biosecurity Standard.

Many commodity groups, both nationally and internationally, are developing on-farm food safety programs to address consumers’ concerns and to ensure that food is produced as safe, steady supply.

However, with the help of a training session and the Canadian Verified Sheep Program Manual, which outlines the food safety concerns identified on the farm and all of the GPPs identified to reduce the risk of a food safety hazard, I will have the tools to anticipate problems and develop troubleshooting techniques to reduce risks.

Where Can I Find Out More Information?

You can find more information on the Canadian Verified Sheep Program by clicking on the logo below.

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